DIY No Sew St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

As I have mentioned before I am not the craftiest mom out there, but while perusing Hobby Lobby yesterday I got the crazy idea that I could make my girls custom tees for St. Patrick’s day.  I should probably mention that in addition to not being crafty, I also can not sew – at all.  (Maybe a button, but I bet it would fall off after an hour).  So, on a mission, I grabbed 3 t-shirts, a yard of fabric, some trim, fabric glue, and  a package of Steam-a-Seam.  It took a little trial and error, but I think they turned out great for a first time project and it was very affordable at about $5 per shirt!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • T-shirt (If I were to do this again I would pick a different style of shirt maybe from Target or Walmart–If you are using a solid color of fabric you could even use a printed tee.  These are fine and reasonably priced, but not my favorite style for girls).
  • Fabric in a green print (I bought a whole yard, but for all 3 shirts used less than 1/4 yard).
  • Steam-a-Seam
  • Fabric Glue (if applying trim)
  • Trim (optional)


For other non-crafty, non-sewing moms here is how to make your own custom tee:

1.  You should wash your t-shirt and fabric before starting your project to avoid issues with shrinkage issues.  Those of you who know me, probably already know I didn’t do that, but I plan to hand wash these anyway so I am hoping it won’t matter.

2.  Find an image of a clover or other St. Patty’s Day themed image you would like to use for your design and print it in your desired size.  I used the one pictured below in varying sizes for my shirts.  If you want to do lettering like I did for my oldest daughter, figure out what wording you would like and find a font.  I created my wording in Picnik. Next time I would use a stencil and paint instead of cutting out fabric letter because it was really difficult and tedious! (Also don’t forget to trace lettering as a mirror image so it won’t be backwards)!

3.  Cut out  you image and trace it onto the Steam-a-seam.  Stick the Steam-a-Seam to the backside of your fabric and cut out your shape.  Place on your shirt and Iron on!  (Yep, it’s that easy).
4.  If you want to add trim to bottom or sleeves you’ll want to apply your fabric glue and press trim firmly.  It takes 24 hours to dry and you shouldn’t wash for 7-10 days.  I think I may try to put a little stitching into the trim so it doesn’t get pulled off, but other than that it was an easy project I think I would do again!

Any of you craft moms out there have any tips or must have products for no sew projects?  I am making matching hair bows to go with these and maybe adding some temporary patching on jeans.  It was kind of fun to make something cute for the kiddos by myself and I think I have caught the DIY fever.

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