Family Fun: Long Branch Park Splash Pad


Here is another local, fun and free activity you can do with your kiddos on a hot afternoon!  Take them over to the Splash Pad at Long Branch Park in Killeen to cool off.  I am so bummed I did not even know this existed until a couple of weeks ago when I just happened to be taking the back way home from the Commissary down Rancier and spotted it…My life would have been so much easier last summer had I known it was there!

The Splash Pad is probably a more fun activity for children under 7 –While older kids are going to enjoy it, they will likely get bored after about 10 minutes (which translates to they will start finding ways to annoy you for entertainment…at least that’s how it went with my 11 year old).  My 6 year old had fun, but for my twins who are 3 this was a blast because they could run free and enjoy themselves. It was also wonderful for me because I didn’t have to stand on edge like I do at the pool or lake.  I was able to sit back on the side and just watch them play.  We’re still a few years from my dream of being able to go to the pool again and just read a book while the kids play, but being able to sit down and relax instead of run back and forth the whole time was a nice step up.

If you do go I suggest bringing a towel or chair for yourself so you can enjoy the sun.  Lots of moms were sunbathing while the little ones played to their heart’s content.  It is definitely a good chance to work on your tan.  For us 30-40 minutes was fine, but if you wanted to make a day if it you could also pack a lunch and enjoy it at the covered pavilion.  There is a really nice playground across the street too if they need to run around and dry off.

If you are interested in visiting the Long Branch Pool, you can view the hours and admissions information here.  The pool is located right next to the Splash Pad.

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