New 2013 BAH Rates are Available!

Yay!  The new 2013 BAH Rates have been announced and the average is a 3.8% increase!  According to Military Times, one in five duty stations will be seeing a decrease in BAH. However, if you happen to be stationed in an area where the rates are decreasing, you will continue to receive your current rate of BAH.  The decreased rate will only apply to those moving in to the area.

If you are in the Fort Hood Area, it appears that the rate will be holding steady for some, going up for others, and dropping for a few…at least that’s what I got from the 3 ranks I checked. Of course, as stated above if there is any decrease for your rank, you will not be affected as long as you were stationed at Fort Hood in 2012. You can head over here to view the 2013 BAH rate for your duty station and to compare it to your current rate.

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