New Endorse Offers! I have 100% back on Coffee (YAY!), 10% back on TP, 50% back on Mountain Dew and More!

The Endorse App has updated and added this week’s new offers! Like ibotta, offers can vary from person to person based on your purchase history, but it’s another really easy way to save if you have a Smartphone! I have been getting lots of free Lattes at Starbucks with the 100% back on coffee, so I was really happy to see the 100% back on coffee back in my account this week…especially with the BOGO Free Promo at Starbucks!  I was also pretty excited to see 10% back on TP in my offers this week.

If you are new to Endorse you can sign up here to start earning at your favorite stores – including online retailers!

How it works:

Purchase the qualifying item(s) at any retailer and upload your receipt.  Then you will receive points and money in your Endorse account which you can have transferred to your paypal account. Endorse works at most retailers including the Commissary, PX, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, H-E-B, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General and pretty much any other retailer you can think of!

Also keep in mind you can click on your friend’s offers they have upgraded if you don’t have them and get that offer too.  It will be under your shared offers.

Here is what I have available this week:

100% back on Coffee

50% Back on McCormick Chili Seasoning

50% back on Mountain Dew

30% Back on SoBe Lifewater

20% back on Quaker Real Medleys

20% back on Popchips

20% back on Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios

10% back on Yoplait Orginal Yogurt

10% back on any brand of Frozen Pizza

10% back on toilet paper

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